Fighter For Future

You are welcome in my mind
because I belive in your eyes
You´re still on the other side
I know you are not by my side
And I trust you´re not a bad guy
maybe it´s time to live a real life

When you´re sleeping every night
you are dreaming about a fight
and you´re winning everytime
But you know you´re only boy
you are learning to destroy
everything you need to dissolve

You´re not free I don´t know why
wanna try some other flight
everybody knows your lies
Don´t know a password of your gate
go left, right or go straight
maybe one day you´ll find right way

Tears still fallin down your face
don´t know why you´re still running a race
Wanna stop and don´t know how
Everything takes you just down

When sun is shining, you only cry
you´re unhappy, I don´t know why
Wanna find some little light
In the darkness you can´t fly

You are welcome in my mind...

Tears still fallin down your face...