Civil name: Hanuš Papoušek
Born: February 06 1974
Job: Šéf knedlík
Hobbies: fishing, cycling
In the band: from the beginning
Instruments: Carvin BB 76P-HB2 Bunny Brunel Signature, Fame
Equipment: Carvin B1500, Mesa Boogie Power House 2x10, Alesis 3650, Phonic
Other bands:
Privious bands: Black Pearl, Grate, Melisa, Deliqent
Favourite band: Dream Theatre, Infectious Groove, basicly everything what makes good sense
Favourite musician: Billy Shean, John Myung, Victor Wooten, Robert Trujillo, Filip Benešovský, Marek Haruštiak
Favourite film: Pulp Fiction, Pán Prstenů, Slavnosti Sněženek
Favourite serial: A je to!, South Park, Hrnečku vař
Favourite director: Svěrák, Tarantino
Favourite drink: quolity wine, pilsener, coffee - also quality
Favourite meal: fish, pasta, steaks - blood, sushi
Favourite colour: blue, "but I´m said I´m colour-blind, so don´t know if it´s blue"
Favourite book: less pages, better book :-)
E-mail: basspidess (apple)
Web sites:
Icq: 298 177 546
Gsm: +420 724 123 986