Apr 23 2008 - Kain 22th April - more photos and videos added

Apr 22 2008 - Still have got the chance
At the moment we´ve got adepts for the post of drummer, but if you´re still interested, let us know. We hope we will be able to introduce our new group soon. Check the news!

Unfortunately our drummer Dave is leaving us after so long long time, and so we are looking for a drummer this way. If you know about somebody (e.g.about U), let us know. Neverthless Dave is still heard in band Escape 23.
Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Fab 08 2008 - Pictures from Futurum
You can look at photos from last Wednesday in Futurm not only in our gallery but also we got a link from band Fire In the Hall. Here it is: http://www.elipsoid.com/album/2008-01%20Futurum/

______________________________________________________________________ YEAR 2008 ___

Fab 02 2007 - For a guitarist's eye
We tested a few loud gizmos, you can peek in here.

Dec 29 2007 - New website in new year
It´s not quite new, it is only bigger, there´re new buttons
and also you can find more sections: Archive, Media and Links

Dec 02 2007 - Skutečná liga has finishedHere it is - we´re at the end of Skutečná liga 2007 and we are fourth! This way we want to congratulate to band X-Left to Die, the winners of the compatition and also to all of the bands in the final.
Have a nice time!

Nov 14 2007 - Skutečná liga - Final
So, we have known the results of SL 2007 2nd semifinal and we are going on to the final!! I think that all of the chosen bands are great and it will be a great energic spectacle. Except Doriath there will be:
Ex-Files, Fenris, X.Left to Die, Eye for an Eye and Povětroň
Congratulations to all the bands and looking forward to 1st December

Nov 03 2007 - Skutečná liga - Galerie
In section galerie you can look at, well, let´s say documentary photos from SL 07 and watch! :
Who will recognize who´s on the 4th photo?!
Please, write your ideas to guestbook.
Thanks! Market ;)

Nov 01 2007 - FINAL Skutečná liga
And we carry on! 27th October we fought one´s way to the final of Skutečná liga 2007!!!
Thanks a lot, Piškot

Oct 01 2007 - Something to the competition of mugs
Somebody has no point, somebody´s got enough, but here you can have a look at our favourite, whose we rather didn´t put to our inquiry.
Sep 26 2007 - Lyrics in section Download
Now you can look in our lyrics in section Download. And Piškot has completed our Galery, soo there´s much to watch...

Sep 05 2007 - New enquiry
And here we go! We´ve got a new inquiry! :-) Vote so that we know in which situation we are :-)

Aug 30 2007 - Photos from the wedding
Who wanna see Karolina in the wedding dress has the possibility here. And then you can assess in the guestbook :))

Aug 29 2007 - Skutečná liga - We are in SEMIFINAL!!!
We have succeed and got to semifinal of competition Skutečná liga 2007. Next turn is held 27th October 2007 in club Matrix, so encourage and challange all our fans to come to support us. More info here

Jul 07 2007 - Such a SURPRISE !!!
Well, who deasn´t know Kája has got married!! We don´t know if we should congratulate or condole :-), but the action was cool, anyway: Kája, wish loooooooooooooots of luck and love! :-) Also the party at the ship was great. Photos coming soon...

Jun 20 2007 - BandZone
Piškot and Market ran up section Doriath on server BandZone.cz and trying to keep it actual. So if you don´t find anything here try this link.

June 01 2007 - MDD (Children´s Day)
The best to all children :-)) In Doriath there´re plenty of "kids" like that, who love playing with their instruments (and sometimes with the music ones) :-))))))

May 30 2007 - Keep fingers crossed - 1st turn of Skutečná liga 2007
On Saturday 9th June 2007 we are gonna try to break through the first turn this competition, so please, wish us luck, we hope it will be ok. Thanks. Let you know results soon!

Mar 21 2007 - Website completed
I had some time and worked out the web also for viewer Mozilla and the similar ones. If anybody finds a mistake, please, write here.

Mar 10 2007 - Unexpected party in Rock Café
I´d like to inform you about the concert in Rock Café with band Just, which wasn´t planed . All you´re wellcome! More here.

Mar 07 2007 - Starting up new website
Finally, through my time handicap, I have finished the new web and it´s working since today. So watch, critisize and possible errors please write on e-mail and have a great day.

______________________________________________________________________ YEAR 2007 ___

Dec 10 2006 - And another support of Doriath !!!
We are pleased to inform you, that Doriath have got a keyboard and its tamer Petr and so we start to practise a lot....Look forward to new sound and finally Pull Me Under in complete instrument cast :-).

Nov 012006 - New support for Doriath!!!
With pleasure we announce that there is a new support. We agreed with Markéta (ex Red Animals). Doriath has got two vocals at the moment! So far it has looked and sounded very well :-). Who were at Opatov could hear that by own earballs.

May 10 2006 - DORIATH has got a singer again !
A very big surprise, we´ve got a singer again. Who is gonna sing? Want to know? :) Of caurse it must be our Kája! Yes, that´s it! Because Kája was bored at home so that we all agreed and new and old group is here. Anyway after a long pause we are determined and warm-up to play our nonsenses to you again. :-) But the puse was not useless cause we have worked on some songs and changed arrangement. We are still awaiting your comments and ideas in guestbook.

May 01 2006 - T-shirts Doriath
If you are interested in T-shirts with logo Doriath, please, write here. Write your size and colour.

Jan 26 2006 - Unexpected concert
Coincidently we appeared in Kain 25th January with bands Daimonion and Wave. Great progressive party! There are little information for the ones who missed. :-)

______________________________________________________________________ YEAR 2006 ___